Private Garage Doors

Industrial gates


The primary function of the garage door is to secure a car or anything what is stored in the garage. No less important is the protection of the room against changing temperatures, integration into the architectural style of the house or other building as well as comfort of operation of the garage.




Customised to your needs

Protection of your belongings inside the room


5 different styles

For domestic and commercial use

In order to meet our clients’ needs and requirements we provide you with 5 different gate’s options to choose from. We also offer you a customised service so we are always able to to find a solution to your enquire no matter what gate’s size you are in search of.


Having a good quality garage door is a well-worth investment

You do care about your house or industrial building and therefore looking for a good level of protection in order to be sure that your belongings or products are safe inside.

Deciding on a garage door is a challenge, but we are here to help!

Roller Garage Door

Rolling garage doors in their construction use the technology of winding the next section of the door to the winding shaft. The entire wrapped door is located in the winding box located above the door opening. Directed for both commercial and domestic use.

Sectional Garage Door

Sectional doors are currently the most popular group of gates in both the garage and industrial areas. The basic and most important element of the gate is the so-called. Gate panel with a height of 50 or 60 cm. Made of high quality powder-coated steel perfectly protects against corrosion.

Up and over Garage Door

Up and over garage doors are nowadays the most popular gates in the market. Their simple construction and simple and proven mechanical solutions guarantee a reliable door operation which will last for many years.

Two-leaf Garage Door

Two-leaf garage door is one of the most economical closure of the garage. By implementing simple and proven solution these garage doors represent low price and reliable operation. 

Industrial Sectional Door

Modern gates design especially for demanding customers. Directed to commercial users.

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