Sectional garage doors

  • Finger Protection System
  • Destined for use in garages and private rooms
  • High service comfort thanks to torsion spring

Sectional garage doors

Sectionals Garage Doors provide you with a modern solution. Mounted directly behind the entrance opening, vertically upright and straight at the right, which makes the entrance and the depth of the room fully utilized, without taking up space in front of the building.

The security of the gates is ensured by the “FINGER PROTECTION” system which prevents fingers from snatching. The tension springs are retracted into the horizontal guides under the garage ceiling.

Our sectional garage doors are made of solid materials: steel panels, galvanized guides and connecting elements, guaranteeing the long-term operation of the sectional door.

Have a look at our Sectional Garage Doors:

Product Specifications

Door Gate’s Equipment:

  • panels made of hot dip zinccoated sheet metal, polyester coated, filled with freon – free polyurethane foam that is 40mm thick
  • interior colour: white – gray (similar to RAL9002 or RAL9010)
  • hot dip zinccoated steel rails
  • shaft with ball and painted torsion springs (1 or 2 pcs.) high – strenght springs (25000


Joining panels – the fingerprotection system is used to prevent fingers from getting caught.
Overload protection – prevents from crushing – if the gate encounters an obstacle, it automatically stops and lifts up. Mainly used in electrically operated door gates.
Photocells – prevent from accidental crushing into the closing gate. When you pass the photocell line, the closing gate will automatically stop and then opens.
Lock – it allows the gate doors to be opened from the outside. Especially recommended for places where there is no additional access.
Handbrake – Used in manually opened garage doors. Designed to prevent the door from being lifted up from the outside – no entrance from the outside.
Door runners

We offer you three types of door’s runners, which allow to fit the garage doors in every size requirements.

Low Back (R)


Low Front (F)




How to measure your door gate?

B – width of the opening
H – height of the opening
h – lintel
W1 – jamb
W2 – jamb
E – height of the garage
E1 – height of the garage to the obstacle
G – depth of the garage
G1 – depth of the garage to the obstacle

The standard drive that has been successfully used for over 10 years is the CAME HG600 and HG1000 models, which is choosen according to the weight of the door.




Panel with pressing

Panel with single pressing

Panel without pressing

Panel with V pressing











Antracyt wrinkle



Golden Oak


Grey RAL9006

Brown RAL8014

Grey RAL9002

White RAL 9016

Others RAL colours



Silver Cloud

Silver Slate

Silver Light

Cream White

Crystal White

Dark Blue

Moos Green

Black Brown

Quartz Grey

Coal Gray

Coal Grey

Charcoal Brown

Bellagio Brown

Bellagio Classic

Norman Oak

Pine Belt

Burgundy Cherry

African Cherry

South Oak

Smoked Oak

Brown Oak



Sunny Oak

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