Two-leaf garage door

  • Traditional Garage Doors
  • Available in three selected configurations
  • A wide choice of colours

Two-leaf Garage Doors

A very traditional product available in our offer.

Two-leaf garage gates are the perfect solution where there are restrictions on lintel height because of various obstacles or if you do not want to lose any space inside the garage. Door gates are made of galvanized sheet steel. Color as well as door filling system is choosen individually by customers and theirs needs.

An additional advantage of our door is the possibility of installing a walk-thru doors or doors with window glazing. 

Have a look at our Two-leaf Garage Doors:

Product Specifications


Thickness up to 40mm

Leaf filling – foamed polystyrene (insulated version)

Frame and leaf material:

Closed galvanized profile 1.5mm

Painted, galvanized, steel sheet metal

Seal around the perimeter

Weather – resistant

Standard option

Standard option of two-leaf garage doors include:

  • Leaf with frame
  • Handle with a lock
  • Insert with keys
  • Assembling anchors
  • Seals
  • Threshold
Additional options

Additional option of two-leaf garage doors include:

  • Insulation build up from the inside PVC
  • Window in the gate
  • Wicket in the gate
Sheet Metal

Vertical Pressing

every 9cm

every 13 cm

every 17cm

every 21cm


Horizontal Pressing

every 9cm

every 13 cm

every 17cm

every 21cm

Cross-section of a garage door

Garage Door without insulation

Garage Door with PCV insulation

Garage Door insulated with sheet metal















White RAL 9010





Silver RAL9006






Brown RAL8017







Standard PLUS



Brown Matte RAL8017



Green Matte RAL6020



Ginger Matte RAL8004



Black RAL9005



Cherry RAL3005



Ginger RAL8004



Sand RAL1002



Blue RAL5010



Brick RAL3011



Green RAL2029



Brown RAL8019



other RAL





Wood effect









Golden Oak

How to measure your garage door?

B – width of the opening
H – height of the opening
h – lintel
W1 – jamb
W2 – jamb
E – height of the garage
E1 – height of the garage to the obstacle
G – depth of the garage
G1 – depth of the garage to the  do przeszkody

Two-leaf Garage Doors’ Gallery

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