Window Blinds

Have you ever thought about installing window blinds at your property? Do you know what are the benefits of having them installed in your house?

Enhanced privacy

Protection from the sun

Saving money for air conditioning


A wide range of fabric colours and types

Window blinds are one of the most practical window guards. When you keep them down, they provide you with protection against wind and sun. Moreover they contribute to improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of the joinery. What is important, thanks to various solutions and types of window blinds, they can be installed not only in new buildings but also in already finished houses.

Window Blinds

Make your life even more comfortable. Install window blinds and be able to protect yourself against the direct sunlight, while simultaneously regulating heat and sunlight coming inside your house.

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Facade blinds

Facade blinds are a modern and elegant window blinds that can be mounted outside the facade of the building. Lightweight and easy to build, it is perfectly suited to modern building with large glazing.

Facade blinds protect the interior of the building from excessive sunlight and improve the exterior appearance of the building. Mounted on large facades act as an insulator that influences the right temperature distribution in the room and helps to operate the air conditioner .


Awnings are most often used for providing a shade on balconies and terraces. It is an a steel or aluminum construction, with a colored, impregnated material that unlocks sunlight and reflects harmful UV rays.

Facade Awnings

Facade Awning is an external sunscreen that help maintain a constant and a comfortable temperature in areas that are particularly exposed to sunlight, thus reducing the use of air conditioning equipment, helping to reduce the cost of keeping the temperatures down. The properties of the fabrics used in the shading system provides an effective barrier for light entering the room, while maintaining good visibility on the outside.


Pergolas’ primary use is to cover the area in front of the sun as a whole (full roof) or partially (beams, slats, openwork roof). Pergola can also be used as a support for climbing plants. Because the pergola is an investment for many years, the choice shoul be well thought. Optically it is heavier than an awning or umbrella.


Sunbreaker is a highly efficient system of external sunscreen, which can simultaneously serve as a decorative architectural element of the building. 

Internal Roller Shutters

Internal Roller Shutters provide you with extra protection from the sun as well as being a decoration. Wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics, simplicity and modernity of panel systems. For home, apartment or office.

External Roller Shutters

External Roller Shutter prevents your inside of the house from warming up in the summer, keep the warm inside during the winter, and allow you to make the room completely dark at any time of the day.

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